Richards House Term 3 – Week 4

We are well into the term with the boys getting back into the swing of things since the last holidays. Most of the House sport will have come to completion by the end of September and the Senior boys would have had their trial examinations. Below you will see the calendar of events with September 8-10 being particularly busy. We hope as many people as possible will be able to attend.

All of the Boarding Houses now have academic tutors attached to the Houses. We welcome Sam Walker and Hamish Thomas on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Sam is studying at UC and has expertise in Commerce subjects, while Hamish can help boys with Mathematics, English and the Sciences. Hamish will head to England later in the year to study at Cambridge University.

Year 10 Reading
Each night during prep evenings the Year 10 boys will have 20 minutes reading in the library before prep. There has been slight resistance to this by a few, but on closer examination, and discussion reading is not an interest and in some cases quite difficult. It was pleasing to recently see a positive response when it came to them choosing books from the library with help from the teacher librarian.

Examinations                                                                                                                           The up coming examinations are very important for several reasons. If for any reason the boys cannot sit the examination at the end of the year, their results from the Term 3 examinations will form the basis on what they will be given in that subject as their final mark. We are encouraging an organised revision programme and in particular downloading and practising previous examination papers. To have the attitude of ” I will see how I go in these exams and see how much work I need to do” is not acceptable.

Year 12 NCEA Level 2 results
It is worth noting the importance of good results at the end of the year as Level 2 results are used for the offering of scholarships to Universities. These Level 2 results also influence the offers to University Colleges or Halls which are allocated each October.

Subject Options for 2018
By the end of August, boys is Years 10,11 & 12 will have made their subject choices for 2018. I have seen all of Year 11 and Year 12, and have given them a booklet entitled “Subject Options – Course Planning”. It features best preparation for students. There is information from many tertiary providers including all the universities and two Polytechnics, Ara in Christchurch and Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin. I would recommend that boys keep their options open and include a range of subjects from across the curriculum. The new Curriculum Guide has recently been updated.

Events this term:                                                                                                             Monday   August 28       – Senior Examinations                                                                                 Friday      September 1   –  Study @ Vic Day   – Victoria University Open Day                           Friday      September 8  –  House drinks Richards House library                                       Saturday  September 9  –  Year 9 Father & Sons breakfast                                               Saturday  September 9  –  House Rugby 7’s                                                                                 Saturday  September 9  –   House Dinner                                                                                   Sunday     September 10 – House Clay Bird Shoot & Chapel Service                                 Tuesday    September 16 – School Ball                                                                                   Tuesday   September 19  – House Drama Competition                                                   December 1 – Carol Service & Richards House breakup

Cultural Events
The Junior Debating Team won their first round debate and hopefully they can continue the good work that has been going on in the House. The team is William Oakley, Luke Murch and George Simpson. Last term our Senior side consisting of Henry Seaton, Cameron Jones,  Richard Seaton and Caelan Murch debated very well but were narrowly beaten in the semi finals. The House Play practices have begun and a group of keen boys are practising in the library after prep most nights. Our Year 13 boys, Liam Sullivan and Finn Sziranyi are leading the directing and production.                                   Our talented musician Henry Phelps along with his band has made it through to the finals of RockQuest to be held in Auckland on September 2. Henry is the drummer in the band and also plays the trombone. We wish the boys every success on finals night. Cameron Jones and Juni Wee will travel to South Africa in the September holidays as Colleges Round Square representatives.

We have not made the finals in the senior Hockey, or Basketball but there was no shortage of enthusiasm from the boys. Our Senior Volleyball side were very talented, but narrowly lost to a strong Jacobs House side.

School Teams
The following boys have played in the top teams in their respective sports at some stage this year:                                                                                                                                                 1st XV:    Kaveni Balenacagi,  Guy Murdoch,  Wolsey Kain,  Shun Miyake,             Toby Brooker Haines,  William Hadden,  Jack Hayman,  Levi Emery                      1st XI  Football: Sam Cameron-Dunn                                                                                          1st XI Hockey: Henry Phelps (also played for Canterbury U18)

House Alterations 2017                                                                                               Richards House will see see some changes to the building for 2018. The brief is for further accommodation and better privacy in some cases. We will see the concept of a large Year 9 dormitory changing to two or three separate sleeping areas. This will also allow further flexibility with the rooms, depending on numbers in each year group. There has been good consultation with the Architect, Bursar and House staff. Work on this project will occur when school finishes in December.

Richards House Caps
A current parent, Bob Penter has kindly funded the Richards House caps. They are navy blue with the House emblem on the front and the boys initials on the back. The boys looked sharp when wearing them in House assembly recently.

I hope everyone can get to as many of the House activities as possible next month. I would also encourage parents to try and attend the House Play Competition even if your son is not on stage. There is a social function for all boarding parents in the Chapman Room on Tuesday 19 September before the plays.


Chris Sellars






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Richards House – Week 2 Term 2

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that Term 1 is over and we are ready to start Week 3 of Term 2. Last term was extremely busy, with new boy orientation in Week 1, athletics heats and the sports, House singing and now the changeover to Winter sports which has got underway. Many boys were busy with their sport during the recent holiday break. Lou and I headed to Auckland for ten days and in the last week I was with the 1st XV preparing for their first UC Championship game against Nelson College in Nelson.

Walk for Lent – 10km
On Wednesday 15 March at 5.30am the House set off for two laps of North Hagley Park. We were accompanied by our Chaplain Bosco Peters and his wife Helen. They have joined us for 3 years on this walk and offer great support. Bosco and Helen have done the Camino Walk in Spain. Lou and myself plus tutors Scott Franklin and Susie Stewart again participated. Jan and those injured offered good support at the recovery table in Rolleston Avenue. Everyone was full of good spirits, receiving jelly snakes after completing the first lap to keep the energy levels up and then a chocolate milk at the end for the protein hit. It’s always great to get involved as a house to raise money for a good cause and also at the same time getting some much needed exercise! Thank you for supporting your sons with this event.

Susie Stewart, Bosco Peters, Lou and Chris Sellars


Year 12 at completion of the 10km walk


The boys nearly home


Kaveni Balenacagi and Wolsey Kain


Nathan McKenzie and Harry McDrury

House Singing
The Interhouse music competition consists of a whole House event in which all Houses participate. There is also a small vocal group and instrumental section. Kaveni Balenacagi did a wonderful job in picking a South African song dedicated to Nelson Mandela. The boys enjoyed the singing practices and were determined to do well. They received many favourable comments from others and were awarded 2nd place, behind the winners Julius House. The support given to Kaveni by the Year 13 boys was excellent.

Kaveni, Henry Phelps, Levi Emery, and Richard Seaton sang a Fijian song in the small group section.

Dates for the year
Some of the main events that I would encourage you to attend include:The House Drama Competition, the House Dinner weekend which includes the dinner, House clay bird shoot and Chapel Service and finally the Carol Service and House breakup on the last day of the Year.

September 8 – House drinks
September 9 – House Rugby 7’s & House Dinner
September 10 – House Clay Bird Shoot & Chapel Service
September 14 & 19 – House Drama Competition
December 1 – Carol Service & Richards House breakup

Chris Sellars


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Richards House: Term One – Week 5

Dear Parents & friends of Richards House

As I write this we are into Week 5 of the school term and the boys have settled into a good routine. For some boys, their participation in heats for athletics while getting to their own sports practices has been a great effort. We traditionally find it difficult to get a big group of swimmers competing in the swimming sports but most boys participated in the relays.

Sporting Events

Swimming Sports – In the sports the following boys made the finals in their respective events: Cameron Jones 100m Intermediate backstroke, Richard Seaton 100m Intermediate backstroke and 200m Individual Medley, Henry Phelps 100m Senior breastroke

Athletics Sports – We were blessed with fine weather for the two days of sports and while the events went very well I was impressed with our boys who entered into the spirit of the occasion. It was nice to see some of you at the Richards lunch and hope you were able to catch up with friends and also meet others. The boys enjoyed their pizza and ice cream trumpets and still managed to run well in the relays. Results from the Championship events were as follows:

Levi Emery: 2nd 100m, 2nd 200m, 2nd Long Jump, and 2nd 100m hurdles
Kaveni Balenacagi: 1st shot put, 2nd discus, 3rd hammer throw, 3rd javelin

Callum Norrie: 1st shot put

Charles Smith: 3rd high jump

Traditionally we have done well in the relays and things looked good after the morning session with wins in the junior and senior steeple chase. In the Championship relays our senior team consisting of Levi Emery, Guy Murdoch, Kaveni Balenacagi and Henry Phelps finished 3rd. This was a great effort against very good opposition. Overall we finished in 4th place in the relays.

IMG_5615 IMG_5723
Henry Phelps                                                      Shun Miyake
IMG_5825 IMG_5886
Callum Norrie                                                     Kaveni Balenacagi
IMG_6005 IMG_6238
William Hammond                                           Nathan McKenzie
IMG_6241 IMG_5626
Hugh Sutherland & Archie Hayman             Levi Emery

Goal Setting
As you are aware, the Year 10 – 13 boys met with their tutors early in the year to have a Target Meeting. This was to review last year and start the process of goal setting. Recently individual meetings have begun with the tutors again and boys will be identifying an academic and non academic goal. The goal setting is work in progress and probably the most important part of the process are the steps needed to be put in place in order to reach the goal rather than just the goal itself.

Food and dinning hall
As you may be aware the dining hall kitchen has been refurbished over the last year and we are all looking forward to more modern and up to date facilities as from next week. As someone who likes food and comes from a family of “foodies” I am most impressed with the food and options that are provided. My daughter who is a chef on a Superyacht has sampled the salad bar (on my nights of cooking!). She was amazed at the creativeness and quality of the salads – up there with the hipster cafes these days. I did mention her comments to the boys in House Assembly this week.

Lent – House Walk
Each year the Houses fundraise for Lent. Over the last two years Richards House have done an early morning 10km walk (two laps of the park). We start at 5.30am and it is completed by 7.30am. The Chaplain Bosco Peters and his wife Helen also walk with us. I am hoping that you will be happy to sponsor your son for this walk to the amount of $20. If you are happy to do this I would put that amount on your account at the end of the term. I would also like to encourage parents to participate on this walk. We intend to do this on Wednesday 15th March.

Dates for the year
Some of the main events that I would encourage you to attend include: The House Music Competition, The House Drama Competition, the House Dinner weekend which includes the dinner, House clay bird shoot and Chapel Service and finally the Carol Service and House breakup on the last day of the Year.

March 15th – Lent House Walk

April 5th – House Music Competition (Assembly Hall) 7.00pm

September 8 – House drinks

September 9 – House Rugby 7’s & House Dinner

September 10 – House Clay Bird Shoot & Chapel Service

September 14 & 19 – House Drama Competition

December 1 – Carol Service & Richards House breakup

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the next major House event which is the Interhouse Music Competition on the 5th April. I think you will hear something special this year.



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Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a great holiday and from what I see the boys have come back rested and ready to commence a busy 2017. A special welcome to the parents of the new Year 9 boys. I was particularly pleased with the examination results from the boys last year, and in particular congratulate the boys who found their academic work difficult at times, but attended tutorials and persevered right to the end.

Year 9, Orientation – The Year 9 boys arrived on Sunday 29 January and after unpacking we went to Adrenaline Park. The boys, plus Lou and myself and Liam Sullivan (Head of House) and Guy Murdoch (Deputy) had a great time on the high ropes and wires. It was very challenging! On arrival back at school, Mr Darrell Thatcher (Director of Boarding) spoke to the parents and this was followed by a BBQ in the House. It was a wonderful way to start, and nice to chat informally to the new parents. The new boys have settled in particularly well.


Year 9 At Adrenaline Park From left: Nathan McKenzie, Harry McDrury, William Oakley, Dominic Kerr, Marshall Suddens, Harry Pender

Target Meetings – The meetings that your son’s had with their academic tutors on the Tuesday when they returned went very well. The intention was for the boys to express how they thought last year had gone for them, and share possible thoughts about 2017. There will be more formal goal setting sessions with their tutors later in the term.

Activities for Juniors Week 1. The Boarding Programme commenced last Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There was mini golf and the driving range for them on Saturday night. On Sunday the Year 9 and 10 boys were mixed up and competed against the other Houses in a city challenge, followed by a BBQ lunch and the obstacle course as shown below. On Monday The Year 9 boys went to Purau to participate in “Coasteering” and the Year 10 boys went to the high ropes course at the Groynes.

Year 9 boys competing on   Upper – Sunday 5 February


Harry McDrury


Nathan McKenzie


Dominic Kerr at Purau – “Coasteering”


Year 9 boys coasteering

Boarding Programme Week 2. This weekend the activities are : Movies on Saturday night. On Sunday the Year 9 boys will go to Hanmer to go Jet boating and then visit the hot pools. The activity available to all other boys on Sunday is Surfing. There is Chapel for all in the evening.

Dates for the year – some of the main events that I would encourage you to attend include: The athletics day lunch and finals, The House Music Competition, The House Drama Competition, the House Dinner weekend which includes the dinner, House clay bird shoot and Chapel Service and finally the Carol Service and House breakup on the last day of the Year.

February 12 –   Chapel 7.00pm for all boys

February 24 –    Athletics Sports – 12.30pm

April 4th & 5th – House Music Competition (Assembly Hall)

September 8 – House drinks

September 9 – House Rugby 7’s & House Dinner

September 10 – House Clay Bird Shoot & Chapel Service

September 14 & 19 – House Drama Competition

December 1 – Carol Service & Richards House breakup


Chris Sellars





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Scholarships – Russell McVeagh Law Scholarship – Angus Dysart-Paul was recently awarded one of these prestigious scholarships. He will be studying at the University of Canterbury in 2017. Matthew Moore was awarded  a University of Otago Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Matthew will be doing the Health Sciences First Year programme.

Examination Leave – Years 11, 12 and 13 have now gone on examination leave with NCEA examinations commencing Wednesday 9th November. You would have all received a copy of the days all senior boys are out of the House. Please let me know if there are some changes to this.

End of term  – House function & prizegiving – I sent out an email inviting parents from all age groups to attend the House break up function on 1st December. This will take place after the “Carols on the Quad” service which commences at 6.00pm. Following the House function in the Richards courtyard, we will move to the Old Boys Theatre for speeches and prize giving. The night normally finishes around 9.30pm.  Please can you email me if you will be attending. Thank you to those who have already replied.

Summer Sport – The boys are underway with their Summer sport. The rowers are training hard for the regattas and camps that will be in the December / January holidays. The cricketers have had limited play so far, due to the weather. Please be aware of games that are still being played at the end of the term. Boys need to communicate with their coaches about this. Our Year 10 boys are very keen on cricket and Ben Westley and William Hammond are captains of their respective teams. Other boys compete competitively in athletics on Saturdays, and tennis also has proved to be popular.

Chapel Services – We will indicate to you soon the Chapel arrangements for next term.

General Studies – This is a slot each week where the senior boys (Year 12 & 13) have guest speakers talking to them. Both of the year groups have had a talk from Dr Scott Pearson. Scott is a doctor in the Emergency Department at the Christchurch Hospital. Scott talked to the boys about the effects of alcohol and his observations in the Emergency Department on Friday and Saturday nights. His talk was well balanced and thought provoking.

Thursday 1 December                                                                                                                   3.00pm – Years 9 & 10 Prize Giving, Assembly Hall                                                                         3.45pm – Refreshments in Dining Hall for Years 9 & 10 prize winners and their parents       5.00pm – Boarders’ dinner in the Dining Hall                                                                                   6.00pm – ‘Carols on the Quad’                                                                                                               7.00pm – Richards House function

Friday 2 December                                                                                                              11.30am – Senior Prizewinners’ rehearsal, Assembly Hall                                                              12.15pm – Music Rehearsals for Senior Prize Giving                                                                        12.45pm – Y13’s and their parents plus staff – lunch on the Quad                                                  1.15pm – New Prefects’ meeting Hall foyer                                                                                          1.30pm – House Assemblies and roll call                                                                                            2.00pm – Senior Prize Giving (Years 11, 12 and 13) Assembly Hall                                                3.45pm  – Leavers’ Service, Chapel – Years 11, 12, 13 ( Year 13 boys to sit with parents)

Years 9 & 10 are able to go home on Friday morning, depending on sporting commitments and whether they have brothers at College.

Chris Sellars







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Week 9 – September

RSA – Presentation to Richards House

Edwin Lord and Peter Dawson from the RSA came to the House to present a certificate to the boys for their help in making the poppies for Anzac Day. As a House we are involved with the RSA and The City Mission for our community service. Some boys had sport when we asked for volunteers, but hopefully they will get other chances to be involved. The certificate is in the Richards front entrance by the clock.


RSA certificate presentation Angus Dysart-Paul, Edwin Lord, Chris Sellars

Year 11 boys helping Mr & Mrs Sellars 

The Year 11 boys did a fine job over the last two weekends helping with a couple of projects. The first was removing a creeper which was strangling a Japanese Maple tree. The second task was to check that the tent had all its bits and pieces and to see what condition it was in.

hm-residence      hm-residence-2

Year 11 boys – William Hadden, William Jones-Allen, Callum Norrie, Jack McDrury, Bryce Hargreaves and Toby Brooker-Haines working in Mr & Mrs Sellars residence.

tent-2      tent-3

House Play Competition

The boys performed the play “Badjelly”, directed by Finn Sziranyi. The acting was very good, as were the costumes and the simple, yet effective set. Although we did not get a top placing our boys received some very good awards.

Special Technician Award:         Henry Seaton,    Toby Brooker-Haines                    Actor’s Awards:          Finn Sziranyi,   Liam Sullivan,   Angus Dysart-Paul             House leadership: House play directors:      Finn Sziranyi                                                  Production Award: for effective use of drama technologies:     Finn Sziranyi                  Director’s award: for overall realisation of script as a cohesive and compelling performance:     Finn Sziranyi  

Chris Sellars

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September Week 7

Richards parents and friends

The Big Weekend  Friday 2 September – Sunday 4 September

House Dinner
This was held at Sixty6 in the Christchurch Casino. Parents and their sons’ enjoyed a fun evening. After a welcome from Housemaster Chris Sellars, and Head of House, Angus Dysart-Paul everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal. Entertainment was provided by the boys which included singing items from Jan Kohout (guitar) and Angus Dysart -Paul. Chris Sellars joined them with his ukulele to sing  Cat Stevens’  “Father and Son”. This was appropriate with the Year 9 fathers and son’s breakfast the next day and Fathers Day on Sunday. Kaveni Balenacagi performed two moving songs before joining the Richards small group which sang a Fijian folk song. This was the song that had been performed in the interhouse music evening.


Small Choir group performing Fijian folk song at House Dinner

House Sevens

Conditions couldn’t have been better for the annual House sevens competition. Junior and senior teams played on the Christ’s College grounds with the emphasis being on having fun. Our Year 10 side were the team to progress through to the final to eventually be beaten by Flowers. There was fantastic support from the Richards community with 21 families being present. Sausages on the BBQ and home baking was welcomed and appreciated by all.

Boarding Chapel Service

The boarding community attended Chapel on Sunday 4 September which was also attended by Old Boys who were celebrating their 40 Years on Reunion. The boys had roles in the service with William Hammond reading the Gospel and Simon Patterson helping serve communion. Angus Dysart-Paul as Head of Chapel also read.

House Clay Bird Shoot

In cold, blustery conditions eighteen boys and their parents attended the annual House shoot at Target Demolition, Motukarara. Boys were put into teams and the top 5 boys had a shoot out with the top 5 fathers. Jack Hayman was best shoot in the final with a score of 9/10 and he and Simon Patterson were joint winners of the combined scores. Chris Richardson was the best of the parents. The boys team consisting of Simon Patterson, Jack Hayman, Callum Norrie, and Wolsey Kain narrowly won the shoot against the fathers by 34/32.

Richards House play

The Interhouse Play competition is happening next week with Richards and other Houses performing on Thursday evening,  15 September in the Assembly Hall. The remaining 5 Houses will perform on Tuesday 20 September.

Year 11 7s 1.    Year 11 7s 2.

Y11s 7s 4.







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Week 4 – Term 3


August 16

Richards House News

The term started well with all boys returning refreshed after a good holiday. I have emphasised that this term will go quickly and academic study and revision is a priority. A reminder that tutors are in the library on Tuesday evening to help boys with their work.

Junior Debating: The junior team consisting of Cameron Jones (Year 11), Luke Murch (Year 10) and Logan Quigley (Year 10) have had two wins over Julius and Flowers Houses. Luke was named best speaker in the Flowers House debate.

Senior Debating: Matthew Moore returned home from Germany after representing New Zealand in the World Debating Championships. They did very well to finally finish in 5th position.

Community Service: The two organisations that Richards House is supporting this year are the RSA and the City Mission. Boys have volunteered to help on Thursday afternoons this term at the City Mission. Their help is appreciated by all.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 5.27.05 PM

House Weekend: The following are the dates and events for our “Big Weekend”.             Friday 2 September      –  House Dinner, Casino – Mashina Lounge                                 Saturday 3 September  – Year 9, Fathers & Son’s breakfast                                                             Saturday 3 September  – House 7’s Rugby festival,  CC grounds                                                   Sunday 4 September     – Chapel for Boarders & Parents                                                               Sunday 4 September     – House clay bird shoot – Motukarara

Subject Options: Year 10 have had careers sessions which has included guidance with subject options. Years 11 & 12 have had a subject options presentation and been issued with a booklet showing ‘Best preparation’ for courses in the future.

House Plays: These will be performed during the last two weeks of the term. The cast will be announced shortly. Richards House night is Thursday 15th August, 7.00pm.

Samoa Trip: Ben Dawson (Year 13) was a member of the school group that travelled to Samoa to help the community there. The boys did a tremendous job painting and repairing buildings.


Chris Sellars







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End of Term 2 Update

As we come to the end of Term 2, it is amazing how quickly the year is moving along. In previous emails I indicated how the sports teams were going and in particular how well the junior boys did to get into the semi finals in several Interhouse events.

Senior Debating – Win

Matthew Moore, Angus Dysart -Paul and Henry Seaton debated very well to win the Senior Debating Cup for the House. The moot for the debate was “In a world where there are super heros, this house would implement a super hero registration”.  This capped off a wonderful debating season for Matthew and Angus. As mentioned previously Matthew now heads over to Germany with the New Zealand, team.

House music

We were determined to enter groups in the small vocal group and the House Instrumental as well as the compulsory whole House song. We sang Tommy and Krista by Thirsty Merc with the musical backing being: Jon An (piano), Jan Kohout (guitar), Matthew Moore (guitar), Caelan Much (bass), Henry Phelps (drums). The boys practised well and on the night it was a very good performance.

Small Vocal Group: The boys sang Bulla Malaya – a traditional Fijian Folk song. Those involved were: Kaveni Balenacagi, Jan Kohout, Angus Dysart-Paul, Logan Quigley, Richard Seaton, Sione Tupou, Archie Hayman and Henry Phelps. Their performance was brilliant and although we did not get placed the comment from people afterwards were amazing. The important thing is that the boys enjoyed practising and they had fun.

House Instrumental: The song that the boys sang was “The Man Who Sold the World” by David Bowie. This was a nice piece of music where all the instruments worked well together. The performers were Angus Dysart -Paul (piano), Caelan Murch (bass), Matthew Moore (backing guitar), Jan Kohout (lead guitar), Henry Phelps (drums)

I received the following email from a parent in another House. “Hi Chris, This is a quick note to say how impressed I was with the boys’ performance of a Fijian Folk song last week at the Music Evening. It was a super choice for a small group to perform and lovely for your boys to recognise another culture that is part of the fabric of Christ’s College. I was hoping the adjudicator would mention the group’s performance”.

Angus Dysart-Paul (Model United Nations)

Angus somehow found time to attend the Model United Nations Forum, at Victoria University in Wellington. Here the delegates debated about United Nations resolutions on a range of global topics.

Cameron Smith

Cameron (Year 13) is at present in Cambridge with the NZ Junior Rowing Team. He will head off soon to the Junior World Championships in the Netherlands. Cameron is the stroke of the Junior VIII.

House Dinner, 7’s Rugby & Shooting

Please keep these dates for next Term. I will ask for numbers in the first week back after the holidays.

House Dinner  – Friday September 2nd

Year 9 Father and Son Breakfast – Saturday September 2nd

House 7’s Rugby competition – Saturday September 2nd

Chapel (am service) for all boarders and parents – Sunday September 3rd

House Shoot – Sunday September 3rd

I hope you all have a relaxing break with your boys and that they come back, refreshed, have caught up on unfinished school projects and have had a regulation hair cut. We recommend that they don’t bring too much gear with them when they return. A reminder that it is a two week holiday and the boys are due back in the House on Sunday evening 24th July.

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Richards House Update, Term 2, Week 5

We are now in Week 5 and the term is moving very quickly. Winter sport is in full swing and House sport keeps boys busy. We keep reminding the boys that the main focus has to be on their academic work and that they need to make the most of all the opportunities that are available. By that I mean a constructive prep session, use of the tutoring system in the school library and of course communicating with their teachers. I hear of many teachers who give up their time to help boys when they ask for help. I also think we are more conscious of the different ways people study and they need to discuss this with us.

Junior House Volley Ball
Our junior team did very well to get to the finals last week. They went into the game confident but were eventually defeated by a strong Flowers House side. the boys who played in the team were: Year 9 – Charles Smith, Year 10- William Hammond, Jayden Matthews, Jovan Mattingley, Luke Murch, Erik McBride, Charles Neal, Oscar Noble-Adams, Logan Quigley and Ben Westley.

Senior House Hockey:
The boys had a terrific game against Flowers House last week, finally winning 4 goals to 3. They now move to the semi finals. The players were, Jack Hayman, Guy Murdoch, Henry Phelps, Matt Cooper, Taine Hintz and Cameron Smith.

Senior Debating
Matthew Moore, Angus Dysart-Paul and Henry Seaton will next week debate again in the Interhouse competition. I travelled to Wellington last Sunday to watch Matthew and Angus debate in the Nationals Secondary School Competition. They won 6 out of 7 debates over three days and reached the semi finals. Unfortunately they were beaten by an Auckland school. The work they had to do for each debate was staggering. All teams were given just one hour to prepare for each debate, and the quality speeches that followed were of the highest standard. Matthew was later named in the New Zealand team to debate in Stuttgart, Germany in July.

House Music
The House singing competition will be held at the Horncastle Arena on June 28th at 7.00pm. This year we will have the House song which all boys will be involved in, and there will also be a small singing group and small instrumental group. This is a great event, which we see as one of the major House events of the year. Jan Kohout (Year 13) performed in assembly this week. He played his guitar and sang his original composition. This follows the performance from Henry Phelps in assembly in Term 1.

Messages from Jan Kelleher
Jan would like all medication that the boys are on, to come through her. Likewise she would like to be aware of medical appointments that the boys are going to, even if it is with their parents. When you let me know you are taking your son to an appointment could you also copy her in as well. We still have boys not handing their clothing to be named. A simple task like this means the boys get their correct clothing back.

Boarding Programme
I hear that the circus experience last Sunday was brilliant. The Year 9 boys who were in the House, attended this. Likewise all of the juniors enjoyed the Blokarts (land yachts) activity last week. Mr Levenger is continually looking to provide activities for the boys in the weekends at all levels. We hope that the seniors will come up with ideas or activities that they will enjoy.

Ist XV v Christchurch Boys High School
The following boys from Richards played in the game last Thursday. (Year 13) Taine Hintz, prop, (Year 12) Jack Hayman, halfback, Kaveni Balenacagi, flanker.

Staff are in the process of writing full reports for seniors. In these reports you will be getting comments from teachers, including a summary report from me. I hope you all have a relaxing Queens Birthday weekend and a reminder that the boys going home are due back in the House by 8.00pm on Monday night,


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